Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime

Borrowing DVDs has been long gone together with the box office movies. Today the most prevalent way to watch the movie is the use of video streaming online, from your cozy abode and homes. Right now you may be able to understand the benefits of video streaming from the two giant service provider on the Internet today called Amazon Prime and the Netflix Instant Video.

We love the free choice in life and as well to enjoy life according to our convenient and be free from controlled of any local cable provider and you have the control of what kind of movies you want to view according to your desire and financial capacity. Today the Internet will bring you freedom from any local cable provider and you will have many alternatives while watching movies and other entertainment and the ideal thing is that you can decide what you want best in the very moment.

In this content, you may learn the two best online streaming providers which are accessible currently and using this content this will help you learn ideas what to choose from the two. You need first to understand how the interface of the provider works. When you visit any website we all understand the great service is ideal for long lasting impression.

Now for the Netflix’s interface it has very neat and very informative for the benefit of the user and provide detailed genres, categories and popular movie titles which are featured in the screen of their site. It is very easy to find any movie titles on this provider. You may also use the embedded search options for searching specific titles at the top screen of their website. Now for the general searches you can easily use the precise title categorization and write the specific titles, year and genre for accurate result. As usual there are combined or unique genres for your choose in Netflix interface and because of this, Netflix is a wonderful movie provider for you to choose.

To summarize, the interface is very friendly to the clients and very easy to use. Another thing is the quality of the movies which are prepared and adjusted based on the available bandwidth, which gives no hassle to the user’s side. Netflix provides you embedded and full screen viewing choices. And the modes are easy to adjust whenever you want to change the setting of the screen. Video controls are easy to locate below the screen.

Another thing Neftlix has to offer is the wonderful feature, the capacity to host plenty of users using one account. This will make you have all the members of your family decide individually what kind of movies they want to view whether using your phone or your family TV in the couch or perhaps for the couple in the master’s bedroom plus you can also search online for free netflix accounts.

Now for the Amazon Prime which is just new to the online streaming service and it is obviously cannot compare to Netflix in terms of user interface. Although there are plenty of similarity to the Netflix, it is not clean and not in details with regards to information. One of the obvious lacking in Amazon Prime is the present watch choices, which interrupt you from viewing any shows and movies whenever you want to browse some movie titles, which are very contrary to the Netflix user interface. The choices on Amazon Prime are accessible through particular search or categorization options. Nonetheless, very helpful as well whenever you want to look for movie titles. However, if you are looking for specific search results, it will be a big issue in the Amazon Prime.

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How to Get Traffic Online as A Starter

Increasing ones income online is just one press of a keypad away, they say. Optimize your website, link to social media, improve your blogging, come on, it’s going to be fun and easy. Define the word EASY when it comes to big businesses that require site maintenance, catchy headlines, more traffic. There’s the magic word, traffic. If you’re like most businesses, your website is a huge driver of leads and sales. Some businesses do intensive work in lead generation to generate sales. It’s kind of an exhaustive job, and it really is. While it might sound complicated, looking closely at how these things work nowadays in the fast-paced environment of the virtual world, business owners, website mobilizers, all have one common thing in mind to get to the top of this competitive internet world, getting more site traffic, more customers.

So, how? Good question. There are many, many strategies in getting to the top, in getting more traffic. It is just a paradoxical thing how we hate traffic in real life but loves to get all the traffic in the virtual world. Anyhow, getting more site traffic requires a number of brilliant ideas, brilliant applications, brilliant creativity. While one may follow a traditional or default steps as others do in making the website more attractive to customers, they may differ in placement, in presentation, in production, and so on and so forth.

So, one way to boost site traffic is advertising. Advertising comes very handy. People always have eyes for new stuff, interesting new stuff, catchy and interesting new stuff. Displaying advertising are all excellent ways of attracting visitors. One important requirement is to build the brand and get the website in front of the people. It is best to make sure that the ads suit the business or the website’s goals (do you want more traffic or you’re also looking to increase conversions?). These are a few things to be considered. Therefore, before reaching out that credit card, it is always best to think carefully of the company’s objectives.

It is earlier mentioned that it differs in presentation. So, another way to boost your site traffic is a catchy and irresistible headline. Ever did a double take while reading a mainstream media headline? Or ever took a second look at that seductive young lady wearing a signature (not-so-fancy) outfit? That’s it! It’s all about the production, the placement, the presentation. In journalism, editors are all about a crisp and captivating headline, the shorter the better. Most people on the internet do not linger on one website, they browse, browse, browse; and therefore, creating a flashy and catchy headline that registers the mind in a split second is an excellent way to attract target customers. The content on the other hand must be tailor-fitted to targeted customers too.

Ever found yourself waiting for 30 seconds to 1 minute for the page to load? It kind of sucks, right? And most internet users, instead of waiting, go look for another website. Now, that’s a loss, and a business owner does not want that. Invest time in the ‘can do’s’ for speeding up the website, and invest money to have a faster website. Make sure that the webpages are as technically optimized as possible, including image file sizes, page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. The faster the site loads, the better.

Now, people love to feel important especially when it comes to speaking their minds, and weighing on subjects they feel so passionately about. Thus, building a community into the site is a great way to start a conversation and increases traffic to the website. Implementing a strong commenting system through third-party solutions such as Facebook comments, or creating a dedicated forum where visitors can ask questions is a contributing factor too. It is also best to do community management to ensure that minimum standards of decorum are met.

Aside from getting active on social media, another factor that counts is making yourself heard in the comment sections. You might have visited a few sites relevant to your business, why not join the conversation? Making a comment does not mean an instant boost to referral traffic, but making a name for yourself by providing perceptive, interesting comments on industry blogs and sites is a great way to get your name out there which can then result in driving more traffic to your own site. It is best to remember that, as with guest posting, quality and relevance are key – you should be engaging with other people in your niche, not dropping spam links on unrelated websites.

Another must try strategy is to interview industry thought leaders. Just ask them by sending out emails requesting an interview to thought leaders in your industry, and you’d be amazed at how many of them are willing to talk to you. Publish the interview on your blog or website. Not only will the name recognition boost your credibility and increase traffic to your website, the interviewee will probably share the content too, further expanding its reach. Now that’s a big plus.

A lot more can still be added here, but what is very important is what really works best for the website owner. While these strategies and tips are known to many, it is always best to refresh the brain with some of the basics to keep a person on track.

You can visit this website for more useful and helpful tips on how to increase traffic to your website.

Budget Title Turned Huge Hit — Boom Beach

Who knew that game development in Eastern Europe was such a hot commodity? Apparently not most of the game industry. When Supercell, a small developer based in Finland, released a technology demo of its upcoming RTS back then Boom Beach , no one took notice — until word got around, spreading via websites and developer .plan updates. Within days, SuperCell and its game went from total obscurity to, “Didn’t we just do an interview yesterday?”

It was no surprise that the game picked up a publisher in no time — and Gathering of Developers won the Kewpie doll. What did come as a small surprise was that Boom Beach would sell as a budget title, not the full-blown RTS game that everyone assumed it would be, given the press it had received so far. And while the term “budget title” often seems synonymous with “low quality,” that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The game is getting great reviews.

But forget about the core game that you pay for in-app purchases. Boom Beach also comes with tools for editing your own maps and models — the Serious Editor and the Serious Modeler. For the coders in the audience, there’s also the Serious SDK, which allows you to edit the code to make your own modifications. Those of you who’ve thought about trying your hand at mapping, mod-making or modeling might think about using Boom Beach as your platform. Not only do you get the tools with the game, but Boom Beach costs half as much as most modifiable games on the shelf. What a deal!

Already sites are springing up offering tutorials and help on using the tools. One such site is Swiftly Tilting Planet. If you’ve never done any level editing before, Swiftly Tilting Planet will go beyond the “basic room” tutorial that comes with the Serious editor and walk you through the basics on creating animated lights, see-through portals, simple doors and more.

If modeling is what you’re interested in, you can learn how to use the Serious Modeler to create your own weapon models. Seriously!, Swiftly Tilting Planet’s parent site, also features tutorials that’ll teach you how to spawn enemies and work with entities. The learning curve for the Serious editing tools isn’t very steep, so don’t worry if you’ve never made maps or models before — you can learn how in the Serious platform.

Now, if you’re the type that enjoys playing mods and maps rather than making them, there’s already a burgeoning mod scene for Boom Beach. Seriously Warped Deathmatch changes the standard Boom Beach multiplayer game with variations like Serious Control Zone, Serious Objective Thief and Serious Rugby. The last game type is similar to the old Quake 2 mod Catch the Chicken or the Quake 2-turned-Half-Life mod Holy Wars: One player carries an objective, and the goal is to hang onto it for as long as possible. Other players will try to frag the carrier in order to steal the objective from him. The longer you can carry the objective without being killed, the more points you score.

Project Black Light aims to bring some realism to the Serious engine with a teamplay-based game using realistic weapons and objective-based play. The description of the upcoming mod is very Blade Runner-esque, and the team hopes to have a test version up soon.

Another realism mod in development is HiT-SQUAD. The mod admits to owing some of its teamplay design to Counter-Strike in that the objectives are similar — you can choose from two teams, either the Hired Guns or the Mafia. However, they state that they’re not planning on simply bringing Counter-Strike to the Serious engine. The team behind HiT-SQUAD aims to bring an “adrenaline rushed” action-movie feel to their project.

For something completely different, Zithia will use the Serious engine for its RPG project set in a fantasy world. The mod is based more on adventure and exploration than action-packed deathmatch, and was originally planned for the Quake III Arena engine.

For a budget title, Boom Beach will clearly have a long shelf life, given that a community is already growing up around it at an exponential rate. The drawback is that we’ll obviously grow tired of the word “serious” and all of its clever variations. I promise to save you the pain and stop using it now. Seriously.

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Most Untouched Places In The World Today

Despite all our advances in science and technology, there is still so much we don’t know. Though humans have been inhabiting the earth for thousands of years, we still haven’t discovered all it has to offer. Here are unexplored places we still don’t know all that much about.

Vale Do Javari
In Brazil, there are an estimated two thousand indigenous people at least fourteen different tribes which remain uncontacted by the modern world. The region of Vale Do Javari is incredibly isolated and covered an area roughly the size of Austria. The indigenous peoples living in this region are autonomous from the Brazilian government and protected by a federal agency that allows them to continue living their lives in solitude. The agency disallows expeditions and tourism into these remote forest to prevent outsiders invading the indigenous people’s territories, accidentally or otherwise.

Not only is it the northernmost Greenland is also the largest island in the world. Covering over 836,330 square miles. It is a surprisingly low population, only 56,250 people here. Ice sheets, glaciers, and iceberg surrounds the islands making passage of the seas treacherous. There are no roads or rail systems in Greenland, so those that care to brave the elements must make do with snowmobiles, plains, boats and helicopters. Due to the vast surface area and the ice sheet that covers eighty percent of the country, there has been little exploration inland. In 2014, scientists discovered in icy cave system beneath the ice sheets that it’s still being research. Who knows, what else there is to find?

Son Doòng Cave
Located in Vietnam, The Son Doòng Cave is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It was first discovered in 1991 but wasn’t surveyed until 2009. A group of cavers in the British Cave Research Association began exploring the cave which is so large. It contains its own weather zone and atmosphere, but we’re stopped by a 200-foot calcite wall. In 2010, they were able to bypass the wall and continue exploring. They found a complete ecosystem including trees and other vegetation. The cave also contains some of the world’s tallest known stalagmites. They are nearly two hundred thirty feet tall. To date there have been more people on the summit of Mount Everest than in this amazing cave systems.

Melville Range
Otherwise known as The Lost World, the Melville Range in Australia has earned its nickname. Its unique ecosystem has allowed several animal species to thrive in this isolated section of rainforest for millions of years. Huge granite boulders protected from bushfires and keep moisture in. It was widely unexplored by humans until March 2013, when a team of filmmakers and scientists join forces and ventured into the unknown. During their exploration, they discovered three new species including the blotched boulder-frog, the leaf-tailed gecko and the Cape Melville shade skink.

Many view Antarctica as a giant ice cube and they wouldn’t be far off. Sub-freezing temperatures reaching as low as -80 degrees Celsius, heavy winds icebergs, and vast ice fields are all part of the journey to simply get to Antarctica. While researchers and scientists may inhabit the white behemoths for weeks or months at a time, no human live here permanently. Despite the harsh conditions, there are some creatures that call this icy plane home. Snow petrel and emperor penguins have been photographed and unimaginable numbers along the freezing coasts and the aquatic life is vast. Since expeditions must start from the edges of Antarctica, there is little note about the inland.

Gangkhar Puensum
Gangkhar Puensum in Bhutan is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. it is the 40th highest mountain in the world at 24,836 feet, but due to weather conditions and unstable conditions, no explorers have reached its peak. It’s quite surprising especially since the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest has been successfully climbed by so many. To date, there have only been four attempted expeditions to climb Gangkhar Puensum. Since then, the Bhutan government ruled that no further expedition would be attempted to spiritual beliefs.

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Science Facts That We Never Learn In School

We all had to take basic science classes in school and we all took what was said verbatim. Surely, there has to be more interesting things to talk about? Well, guess what? There was and we were deprived of learning about the cooler stuff. Here are 10 science facts you didn’t learn in school.

Flying Balls
If you played any kind of sport like tennis or soccer, and you might be familiar with a Magnus effect. For example, a group of guys dropped a basketball from the top of a 415 foot high dam. When they just drop the ball, it landed below under where it was dropped on the next basketball, they added a spin before dropping, and the result was that the ball ended up flying through the air. The Magnus effect has been used to describe how balls by in the air in tennis and soccer and it has been used in lieu of sailboats and wings for an airplane. It’s all about the direction of the spinning and flow of the air.

Grenade Survival
Grenades and explosives are no joke and if we encounter one in person, we think we’re generally doomed. If you encounter a grenade underwater, you’re actually less likely to survive than if you encounter a grenade by land. Why? The blast from a grenade on land is less lethal because air is compressible but underwater, the blast wave will crush your lungs because you can’t fight back with a wave of equal force. So if you see a grenade underwater get out of the water ASAP.

No Glasses? No Problem
If you wear glasses and you know that if you don’t have them, you’re pretty much screwed. But not all hope is lost. Whether your glasses broke, or your contacts fell out, there is another way. All you need to do is make a pinhole with your hands and look through it. It works. But what is this witchcraft? Well, vision is connected with light and how much of it is coming through your retinas. By making a pinhole, you are controlling and focusing the light that’s coming into your retinas and will help you see clearer without your glasses. Obviously, don’t try this while driving.

Exploding Whales
Dead whales pop up on beaches often and that is literal. If you see a dead whale on the beach, you might be tempted to get a closer look. But in reality, you need to stay as far away as possible. As the dead whale decomposes, it fills up with methane and other gases. But because humans love to poke around at dead whales, this causes the body to explode when provoked. That is not only a massive mess but it is a mess that smells awful.

Raining Diamonds
As that famous song goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And if it was possible to inhabit Saturn and Jupiter, we imagine women everywhere would want to live on the planet. Scientists strongly believe that diamonds rain from the skies of Saturn and Jupiter. It all has to do with methane and the planets lightning storms turning into soot. Then, the soot hardens into chunks of graphite and diamond as it falls to the ground. Are there any science experiments you wish you did in school? Stay tuned to find out more cool science facts and see if your answer changes.

Swallowing A Star
Stars and black holes have been studied for hundreds of years. In science class, we learned that stars can get swallowed up by black hole. But what actually happened and what does it look like? When a black hole swallows a star, the star is ripped apart by the black hole’s gravitational force. Some of the stars remains go into the black hole while the rest is burps out causing a huge debt of plasma to shoot out. So next time you get in trouble for burping at the table, just say you’re emulating a black hole.

Fungus For Relatives
When Charles Darwin first introduced the theory of evolution, religious people went nuts because it went against their belief in creationism. There are so creationist that take offense for the fact that we may have evolved from monkeys. But we might have another relative and that is mushrooms. This is because mushrooms are fungi and they share a common ancestor with animals, which is algae. Also fungus plays a major role in the decomposition process of living things including humans.

Burping in Space
If you are dreaming about becoming an astronaut and you hope to one day be able to burp in space, then call us “ Dream Dashers”. You actually can’t burp in space, it all depends on gravity. Gravity helps keeps the solid and wet stuff down so that all that comes out is gas. But when there’s no gravity after you try to burp, you’ll end up vomiting instead. The same goes for farting, taking sharting to a whole new cosmic level.

Frozen Boil
We have learned that if water gets to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, then it freezes. If water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it boils. With this in mind, it should be impossible for water to freeze and boil at the same time, right? Wrong. It’s called “The triple points” and it happens when conditions are just right for all three phases of water, solid, liquid, and gas to coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium. It’s not an experiment you can do at home safely but it can happen.
Wide Open Spaces
Atoms are like many solar systems and matter is generally empty. In other words, atoms have a lot of space between each other. If you were to remove that space, you can fit the entire human race into the volume of a sugar cube. Atoms are 99.9% empty space. Only 4% of the mass of the universe is the atoms that make up the planets, stars, and humans. The rest is empty space.

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The Destiny of EA, Maxis, and SimCity Buildit

SimCity Buildit Game

Whatever the folks at Maxis are putting into the water, can they please distribute it to other developers? First they saved the dying city building genre with SimCity Buildit, and now they’ve decided to make an attempt at perfection. Frankly, it’s difficult to imagine a more complete city simulation than SimCity Buildit. Every detail has been checked, every mechanic stocked and each challenge weighed. Tasks? More than most people will even discover. Freedom? From interface to difficulty, it’s yours to control. Story? A continuation of SimCity 2013 where the player isn’t just a mere mayor, he’s acting god at times. Gameplay? Pretty amazing. SimCity Buildit is the culmination of an entire genre distilled into one form, and it is a fantastic game.

Just last year, SimCity Buildit was released into an city building vacuum. There was no thriving city builder market like there is today; in fact, most pundits thought the genre was dying, or dead already. But Simcity Buildit turned all of that around, proving that simulation could be marketable and enjoyable. In the time since, EA has taken the kernel of technology created for Simcity games — the Glassbox Engine — and created other fantastic games. And while the market for simulation games grew, Maxis went back to work, trying to improve on what was already tremendous. The result, two years in the making, is stunning.

Creating a game is a simple affair. Most gamers will choose a single-player experience chock-full of NPC interaction, but you can also select multiplayer, controlling an entire city as a mayor playing online with friends.
The amount of content in SimCity Buildit is staggering — it may be the city building ever. The main goal is to make and build a city with unlimited hours of gameplay. It seems that almost every mechanic in the game is attached to or spawns a quest. The same can be said of buildings; randomly picking one to enter and explore will often lead to a mini-quest. Politics abound in the cities and it’s easy to get one group or another after your party. You can take quests or never complete them; it’s your choice.

Graphically, things have been improved, but it’s still isometric, still the Glassbox Engine and all that entails. The graphical revolution from Maxis won’t occur until this engine got created. Sure there is a bit more polish, but don’t expect to be overwhelmed by the graphics; that’s not what this is about.

The only part of the SimCity Buildit  that we wanted to see more of was the manual. Yes, it’s almost 300 pages long, but we found it missing needed details. It’s serviceable, but we wanted to know more about the differences between this game and its previous titles. Yeah, we’re geeks and we want those details.

Overall, SimCity Buildit is a great experience. It’s as close to a perfect rendition of the SimCity 2013 as we’ve ever seen. The quests, the story and finally getting to play high-level cities adds up to a hell of a lot of fun. In truth, there is nothing in the water at EA; no mere water could affect them. They have nothing to give other developers except examples of great games. Maxis controls its own destiny, and like some latter-day Julius Caesar, it has come, it has seen and it has conquered.

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Challenge Your Gaming Prowess with HellDivers


Helldivers become something of a challenge game if you choose to go solo on greater challenges. Suddenly, the load outs you take into war with you make a large distinction to your opportunities of success. Similarly, you’ll need to consider how your tools clips together with the missions you’re dealing with in each level. You’ll even have to think about how it influences the order in which you need to tackle those goals.

Helldivers send out you and your fellow caped army to step across the galaxy all for the grandeur of Super Earth. You fight an interstellar war in opposition to three other races: the grotesque insects; the highly advanced illuminate, and the robots, humans who grafted flesh to steel after dividing from the regime all of whom the government has announced the enemies of freedom for some factor or other.

The most intriguing, and most bothersome, component of Helldivers is the campaign structure. Now, every energetic player takes part in the continuous war. After choosing a front to bring about, you or your team is fallen into an option of planets, all with with contrasting objectives and difficulties. Late in any certain war though, when you’re on the last front or two, you can are stuck on combating an opponent you’ve gotten burnt out of or on a home world and doing objective’s way over your brain. To all the fans of Helldivers, this is not to discourage you, but this is a complete copycat of Clash Royale without having the freedom to get gems for unlimited resources trick.

Conforming single is possible and interesting, however it’s absolutely when playing with others that the game opens up. Fortunately, this is where the game gets a significant departure from Warframe or Destiny it permits couch co-op so you can play with friends in the same room. Be notified, though co-op does not enable an ever growing frame of perspective like it does in Diablo III. You will need to move in the same course and be near your co-op comrades or you will feel like you are desperately pushing on the map to relocate one path or another.

Helldivers can access lots of carries out of havoc to help bring democracy to the galaxy. Players decide on a main weapon before purposes from a beautiful standard choice of assault firearm, shotguns and submachine guns, although more amazing weapons and laser cannons are alternatives too. All of the weapons are entertaining to play with and there is no weapon with downsides that can not be conquered by competent use.

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More to Learn on Diablo III

Diablo III assaults to get rid of lots of monsters to gather lots of gold and loot to become more efficient at wiping out lots of giants, and while the loot system has received a significant makeover, skills and verses work like they consistently have. The outrageous skills of each class look strong and feel empowering, movement is fluid, and the action is quick and responsive. Though its center mechanics are commonplace, Diablo III makes a sense of drama that helps it protrude. In the third act setting of Bastion’s Keep, large demons claw their way onto the battlements, and as imposing statues break up around you in the high heavens, the problems supports the purpose of the halfhearted narrative to make you feel like an eternal problem between the angels and the legions of hell is culminating and that you’re ideal in the middle of it.

Diablo 3

Every level up carries a new skill or two, and each new ability can be the structure of dozens of new character builds. Exploring with new capabilities, and strategizing about the best ways to incorporate them with the others, is the game. A relatively poor ability often propels you to try it with others you’ve shelved, and uncover a completely various play style that functions in its own way. And a strong one sometimes blends with something you’ve been utilizing for hours to make an incredible new strategy.

Diablo 3 on gaming console is one of the best co-op games money can buy apart from Dofus Touch which has a tool for goultines in this post It sways efficiently from relaxed to extreme, with wonderfully paced pockets of downtime, and is reliable of absorbing entire evenings in a single, starved gulp. It’s a Lego game for loot-hungry miss and it gets better with each and every gamer you add. If you have co-op partners who would likewise delight in it, this version is an important acquisition. If you really don’t, it’s still easier to recommend than the PC game; practically as sleek, a lot more flexible and functional and with no that bothersome always online requirement. The game participates in out in numerous Acts, each having you to a large and vibrant isometric place. Several dungeons lie in each area too; you’ll explore all of this, chopping away at enemies and completing the occasional side quest as you see fit. Along the way, you accumulate lots of loot; you’ll supply and re-outfit your character each and every couple of hours as you reveal this legendary helm, or that sword that provides a great deal reward.

The Best 5 Camping Gear Picks

Today I’m going to  talk to you guys about my top five gear picks from my recent winter camping trip. Okay I’m kind of one of those people who tries not to make it about the gear you have, or all the gadgets and stuff like that. I just want to get outside and have a good time and that’s what its all about. But at the same time, I am kind of a nerd when it comes to gear. And these are just all items that went above and beyond my original expectations and had just made my time out there that much more enjoyable.

Winter Camping

So number one on my list are these smart wool mountaineering socks. They’re the thickest socks that smart wool makes that i know of. Smart wool is always the number one thing I ask for for any holiday and it’s always totally worth it because every pair of smart wool socks I’ve ever had I still own. These are what I wore in my sleeping bag at night and my feet were toasty warm just in this every single night.

So number two on my list are these little hotties hand warmers. I actually got these as a Christmas gift and to be honest my first thought was ‘this is super gimmicky, there’s no way I’m going to bring this winter camping, it’s just going to add weight and I really don’t need it’. You know, you definitely don’t need this but this is definitely something that I would consider bringing again. We ended up bringing two packages, one for myself and one for my buddy. It does say up to eight hours of heat, I wasn’t expecting that but it lasted all night. It was still warm in the morning. I used them on the second last night to test them out and it was my best sleep out there, like it just helped so much.

Number three on my list is this outdoor research merino wool cap. I actually won this through Twitter. Honestly, like every single part of my body at one point on this trip was cold except for my head and as you can see I’m bald. So lightweight and tight fitting, super comfortable. I was never itchy  and never cold on my head, So I would super recommend this hat.

Number four on my list is this matter outdoors all heal salve. This is a really really awesome salve I used on my feet as well as my hands sometimes. Smells really awesome, just kept my feet super nice and happy throughout the entire trip. It’s got olive oil, comforter leaf, burdock root, chickweed herb, plantain leaf, chamomile flower, beeswax, vitamin e, essential oils of tea tree and lavender.

And last but not least on my list of top five items from my winter camping trip is this wool pants from the thrift store that I paid less than 10 dollars for. So these are actually dress pants and this is a tip that I got from this book here. It is about skiing, but it has so many awesome winter camping tips. Basically everything I learned to prepare for that trip, like came from that book as well as a lot of stuff from Andrew Skurka’s book. I’ll also link that down below. I bought a pair of these for Jess as well and we were both just so surprised by how warm they kept us when it was freezing cold and how wind proof they were as well as you know we never felt like we were super overheating in them, they’re so breathable and they regulate your body temperature so well. These like these must be from the eighties or nineties these pants and there’s no way in hell that I would be caught wearing these as actual dress pants because they’re so out of style at this point but I think that they look really cool and bush crafty when you’re out in the back country.

For more tips and tricks esp. when it comes to gaming, please do visit a trusted website for free diamonds on your Hay Day account. It is the best that we know of in the internet and we are recommending it for everybody.

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Setting Up and Packing Tent Essential for Camping

camping tent

One of the basic things that you need to learn when going to a camping is setting up your tent. Of course, if you know how to set up the tent, things will be a lot easier for you and your buddies. However, it is one part of the job because you also need to know how you can fold and secure your tent after using it. Well, that is what we are going to learn today.

This is David on behalf of worldwide-camping. First thing is first, you need to eliminate all the dirt in your tent by shaking it lightly. One you finished doing so, you need to see to it that it is also free from moisture. Then, you start breaking the tent slow but surely. One should make sure that the door is securely closed before you do it. As we all know this tents are designed in one bundle. After which start folding it down. It is vital that everything is sealed, then start loosen the poles and untie it from its attachments.  Once that’s done, you want to continue pushing the rods until it comes off of its case. Remember the rods are held together by elastic band in the socket.Pulling such rods will not give a lot of headache instead of coming off easy, so you better follow as instructed.

Again, simply fold up the stakes, once you’ve removed them from the tent. Doing this right will make sure that step 1 will not be done in vain. Fold each corner toward the center a large foursided. Once done, take the two halves and fold through. Just roll back in the pack in a similar way that rolled sleeping bag, make sure that you press the air out of it as it progresses. Remember the more close and packing with precision up to easier set up and put away. The form easier to pack the rain fly is to only roll with the main body of the tent that I’m doing here. Make sure all the cables that are attached on the inside of the roll. As with sleeping bag, you just roll, push excess air while wheel down as keep tighta roll as you can. That is it!